Surf Camp Pacifica is a program dedicated to provide individuals with a safe learning environment. We are committed to developing unique opportunities and experiences for individuals to learn about the ocean. Our programs emphasize ocean safety and water awareness. We use this training to instill a healthy love and respect for the water as well as to cultivate a lifelong enthusiasm for the ocean.

Our ISURF program is tried and proven.

  • Introduction- learning about boards, wetsuits, beach, and surf zones
  • Safety- Etiquette, paddling and swimming techniques, avoiding danger in the surf.
  • Understanding- Beach environment, surf culture, tides, winds, swell and what cause them.
  • Respect- The beach, parking lot, equipment, locals, and of course yourself.
  • Fun- Once you've put all the weeks lessons together theres nothing to do but have a whole lot of fun.

Surf Camps

Surf camp is a 3 hour camp for kids 6-18.  The focus is on the fundamentals of ocean knowledge, safety, and etiquette as well as the techniques of surfing.  This experience instills confidence and self esteem by teaching individuals to learn to respect the power of the ocean.  In addition, it encourages a healthy hobby. All our instructors are First Aid & CPR trained and certified.  In addition, we provide our instructors with weekly ocean rescue training sessions based upon the guidelines set forth by United States Lifeguard Association (USLA) for Ocean Lifeguards. Our instructors strive to ensure this experience is the 'ultimate' for each and every child.  We maintain a 1:4 ratio with the instructors, and utilize junior instructors to augment the personal attention for our surfers.  In addition, we have a Beach Director on the beach to supervise, monitor, and dictate the water activities. 

  • For available camp sessions and registration Sign me up! 

Individual and Group Lessons

Our adult lessons are 2 hours.  We teach ocean awareness and safety in addition to the skill set of surfing.  We welcome people of all ages and abilities and cater the teaching technique to the participant. 

  • To request a private lesson contact us at pacificasurfcamp@gmail.com 
  • Price includes wetsuit, board and instruction.

Family Camp

Our family camps are 2 hours for a family or groups of families as featured on 'Bay Area Backroads'.  The focus is on a fun.  Reinforcing a bonding experience with the family, to learn together the ocean awareness and safety necessary to incorporate an appreciation for the ocean and surfing techniques.  Establish a new family experience! 

  • Email us at pacificasurfcamp@gmail.com to arrange.
  • Prices include wetsuit, board and instruction.

Birthday Parties

  • Enjoy this new adventure for a birthday party for you or your kids. 
  • Birthday packages. This will be a birthday you will never forget!!!!
  • Email us at pacificasurfcamp@gmail.com to arrange.